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Protect yourself, your colleagues and your county.

Cyber incidents are on the rise across the globe, and local governments are often the targets of sophisticated digital attacks.

Unfortunately, cyberattacks often result in operational disruptions and multi-million-dollar losses. Many insurance carriers now require policyholders to implement several best practices to qualify for coverage. New eligibility requirements for KACo members could take effect in the near future, so the time to review and enhance your organization’s cybersecurity protocol is now.

Don’t let your community or organization be an easy target for hackers and digital thieves. Take steps now to prevent a cyber incident and maintain your cyber insurance coverage.


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Have a question about cybersecurity training, insurance coverage or other resources?

Contact your KACo insurance agent or a KACo loss control specialist at 502-223-7667 to learn more.


Cybersecurity checklist

Download the checklist here.

These tips - assembled with help from the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security (KOHS) and U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) - represent a broad overview of cybersecurity best practices, many of which may soon be required to maintain cyber insurance eligibility.

 Use multifactor authentication for remote access tools and cloud services.

 Identify critical information and back it up through external hard drives or a cloud service. Test the backups.

 Keep operating systems up to date and turn on automatic updates.

 Conduct periodic training for your staff and review cybersecurity awareness tips, including password security.

 Sign up for free cybersecurity services from the Multi State Information Sharing and Analysis Center.

 Develop an incident response and disaster recovery plan and test that plan.

 Enable logging to document and monitor activity across your IT system.

 Make cybersecurity a priority that starts at the top and is standard practice throughout your organization.

 Conduct a vulnerability assessment to understand where you are strong and where you may need additional support.

 Develop and implement a cybersecurity policy that outlines processes and procedures for all staff.

 Have a designated internal employee responsible for cybersecurity. 

—Helpful tip: Watch for grants that could help fund cybersecurity initiatives—


Cybersecurity Awareness Posters

Download, print and hang these posters in your office to raise awareness about the importance of key cybersecurity practices. 



Make your passwords strong 


How long does it take to hack a password? 


Don't take the bait: phishing prevention 101 



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