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Nurse triage program can help keep your employees safe and save your county money

Susan Riddell
Prior to COVID, KACo launched a nurse triage program to help members quickly assess options for medical treatment and claims for workers.

“KACo Claims enhanced its workers compensation medical management operation in July of 2019 by engaging a nurse triage option for all newly-reported work injuries,” Safety and Loss Control Manager Michael Ray said.

“This has given us the ability to give a more rapid assessment of the level of care injured workers may be in need of, all while reducing administrative tasks and claim costs that could otherwise be seen with a workers compensation claim.”

Watch an informational video about the program here.

While nurse triage initiates proactive medical management at the most critical point of work injuries, in the case of an emergency, the nearest appropriate care is always best.

Otherwise, call in all non-emergency injuries before seeking medical treatment.

When someone is injured on the job, he or she should notify a supervisor of the injury. The injured party should then call 866-367-5226 before seeking treatment. An on-call nurse will be available around the clock seven days a week.

After assessing an injury and needed treatment, the nurse will help an injured worker determine if more urgency should be applied to the situation. The nurse will follow-up with the injured person as needed the first 24 hours and work with the employer and injured person to coordinate a suitable return to work.

Download an informational poster for the program here.

For more information concerning all details of the nurse triage program, contact KACo claims department, or go to

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