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2022 Primary: County Candidate Stats

There were more than 2,000 county candidates on the 2022 primary ballots this year.

View county primary candidates and election results here.

This year, most county elected offices are on the ballot, including the following offices:

  • County Judge/Executives
  • Magistrates/Commissioners
  • Jailers
  • Sheriffs
  • Coroners
  • County Attorneys
  • County Clerks
  • Property Valuation Administrators

Two other county elected offices – Commonwealth’s Attorneys1 and Circuit Court Clerks – are each elected to six year terms and will next be on the ballot in 2024.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Kentucky is one of only nine states with a closed primary. In general, in a closed primary state, a voter seeking to vote in a closed primary must first be a registered party member. Read more about state primary election types here.

County Candidate Stats

Check back here soon for more post-primary election analysis.

You can view all primary candidates and election results as they are received on KACo’s Election Results page.

For all county election information and analysis, visit KACo’s County Election Center.


1 Commonwealth’s Attorneys in one district appear on the 2022 primary ballot this year for unexpired terms (the 45th district which spans two counties: McLean and Muhlenberg).


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