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2022 general election analysis: state House and Senate races

By Kayla Carter Smith, Policy Analyst
Supermajority in House and Senate grows

Tuesday night was a busy night for candidates running for county office as well as the state legislature. All state House and half of state Senate districts were on the ballot this year.

Thirty-one seats will be filled by freshmen legislators, creating opportunities and challenges to inform new legislators on the issues facing counties. KACo encourages county officials to build relationships with freshmen legislators early and keep them updated on the issues facing your county going into the 2023 Regular Session.

House Races

Twenty-five of the 100 House seats will be held by freshmen legislators at the start of the 2023 Regular Session - 18 Republicans and 7 Democrats. 

The Republican supermajority grew from 75 to 80 seats with wins in areas outside of Lexington.

Five incumbent Democrats lost in the general election:

  • In District 20 (Warren) Patti Minter was defeated by Kevin Jackson.
  • In District 28 (Jefferson) Charles Miller was defeated by Jared Bauman.
  • In District 37 (Bullitt & Jefferson) Jeffery Donohue was defeated by Emily Callaway.
  • In District 65 (Kenton) Buddy Wheatley was defeated by Stephanie Dietz.
  • In District 94 (Harlan, Letcher, & Pike) Angie Hatton was defeated by Jacob Justice.

Republicans were also able to flip District 31, an open seat due to Democrat Josie Raymond being redistricted to District 41. Republican Susan Tyler Witten won the open seat over Democrat Sue Foster.

Democrats were able to flip District 93, an open seat currently held by Republican Norma Kirk-McCormick, which redistricting resulted in a new Fayette County district. Democrat Lamin Swann won the open seat over Republican Kyle Whalen.

Senate Races

Six of the 38 Senate seats will be held by freshmen legislators at the start of the 2023 Regular Session - all Republicans.

The Republican supermajority grew from 30 to 31 as a result of Democrats not fielding a candidate in District 10, the open seat formerly held by Democrat Dennis Parrett (Hardin & Jefferson). Republican Matthew Deneen won the seat uncontested.

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