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Pensions Group Meets for the First Time
The Kentucky Public Pensions Working Group met for the first time yesterday.
Trends in Kentucky County Population
From 2010-2017, population grew in 55 Kentucky counties, but growth rates varied significantly across the state.
KY Public Pensions 101: Who is in CERS?
The public pensions world can be confusing and full of jargon. Below is a brief explanation of the County Employees Retirement System (CERS) and where membership fits into the overall public pension system in Kentucky
Public pension group working to get bill prepared for session
One of the co-chairs of the General Assembly’s Public Pension Working Group says they should know by Friday whether they will have a bill ready for action during the 2019 General Assembly.
Recount in Kentucky House race ends in tie
State law indicates the Election Contest Board must choose the winner by drawing lots, but Jim Glenn (D) has already been sworn in, and his attorney says to remove him he must be impeached.
Keep track of bills lawmakers are filing
With the 2019 session of the Kentucky Legislature about to start again, pension reform and several other topics are expected to dominate the discussion.
KRS Pension Payments by County
Pension benefits that are paid out to retirees and beneficiaries of the Kentucky Retirement System (KRS) are significant and can have a big impact on a county’s economy.
Pew Launches New Resource for State and Local Leaders
The Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative has launched a new online resource center that provides case studies about the effective use of data by state and local governments.