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2022 KACo Insurance Grant Application


The Kentucky Association of Counties is proud to offer an opportunity once again to members of our Workers Compensation Fund and All Lines Fund to apply for grants to help reduce losses in connection with these two insurance funds.



All members of the KACo Workers Compensation Fund or the KACo All Lines Fund are invited to apply for grants for future purchases to help reduce losses in connection with either of these two insurance funds. This includes purchases of equipment, training or consulting services as well as property improvements intended to reduce the risk of personal injury.

Application Process 

Grant submissions will be accepted through our online form, available on KACo’s website under the Loss Control Services tab here. Applicants will receive an email confirmation that their application has been received.   

The application will remain open Sept. 15 – Oct. 17, 2022. Members may submit one (1) application during this period.

Helpful Hints

  • Applications should seek to reduce losses connected to insurance coverage your agency holds through KACo Workers Compensation Fund or the KACo All Lines Fund.
  • Applications should be limited to one (1) type of product or service.
  • Focus applications on things you truly need and need help paying for.


To be considered, applications must be submitted via the electronic submission form, directly from KACo’s website, by 4:30 p.m. EDT, Oct. 17, 2022. Submissions made after Oct. 17, 2022 will not be considered.

Priority Areas 

All applications will be considered. However, loss and/or prevention areas that will be given priority during this year’s selection process include those designed to help reduce or eliminate losses connected to:

  • Slip, trip and fall hazards
  • Lifting injuries
  • Auto accidents
  • Jail operations
  • Cyber breaches

Grant Amounts 

Grants are limited to a maximum reimbursement of $10,000. Members will be required to contribute an additional 20 percent to any grant awarded.

Decision Timeline 

Applicants will be notified of award decisions following review of all applications after Oct. 17, 2022. NOTE:  Eligible purchases should be initiated AFTER the date of any award letter issued, as this program is designed to address FUTURE purchases.

More Information

If you have questions about this program, please contact Michael Ray at or call KACo at 502-223-7667. Download additional details about the grant program, including deadlines, priorities and award limits here.


Application closes at 4:30 p.m. EDT on Oct. 17, 2022.



2022 Application 


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