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Weekly Legislative Update - April 3

Photo: LRC Public Information
By Shellie Hampton
As Kentucky counties and the rest of the world make daily adjustments in response to the pandemic that has changed most of our daily routines, it is no different for the work of the General Assembly.

Wednesday, April 1, the legislature passed all branch budget bills before adjourning until Monday, April 13. The uncertainty of revenues amid the COVID-19 economic impact drove the decision to pass an abbreviated one-year budget.

The bills now head to the governor’s desk for his consideration. Highlights include: 

County audits – The county portion of audit costs will fall back to 50 percent, instead of the 75 percent that counties are currently required to pay. 

CERS rates – The CERS employer contribution rate will be frozen at current FY20 levels. (non-hazardous at 24.06 percent and hazardous at 39.58 percent)

Quasi pension rates – freezes pension contribution rates for health departments and other quasis such as universities for another year at the FY20 level of 49.47 percent. (instead of an increase to 93.01 percent) 

Life safety or closed jail – continues the annual allocation of $20,000 to counties with a life safety or closed jail.

Jail catastrophic medical fund – appropriates $1.6 million for the jail catastrophic medical fund.

Coal severance – Coal severance dollars will be dispensed 70 percent into the Local Government Economic Development Fund and 30 percent into the Local Government Economic Assistance Fund.

Rocket Docket – allocates $387,700 in General Fund dollars in FY21 for the Rocket Docket Program.

A summary of bills passed last week, including the Kentucky COVID-19 relief bill (SB 150) is included HERE.

We remain committed to being a resource for you during these uncertain and shifting times. We will not have all the answers, but will work to find them for you. Check our website,, for continuous updates on our COVID-19 County Officials Resource page, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

We continue to be amazed at the creativity, compassion and resiliency you display as you lead your people.




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