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Sheriff departments and others receiving personal protective equipment gear (1)

Susan Riddell
KACo staff members started making personal protective equipment deliveries last week, and those deliveries will continue as supplies are available.

What started out as an effort to provide gloves to member law enforcement officers has evolved into a much larger service KACo is providing members.

Recently, when the COVID-19 pandemic started to evolve, law enforcement specialist Phil Crumpton began looking into providing gloves to law enforcement members for use in first response.

“We needed to get out of the gate to try to do something to help our law enforcement community before the COVID-19 situation expanded further,” Crumpton said.

Michael Ray, safety and loss control manager, said being proactive in collecting resources was vital to being able to help out county agencies.

“The current environment made us feel lucky to have been able to procure any gloves at all in a quick manner because we felt supplies would be severely limited,” Michael Ray said. “We secured gloves from Gall’s and Gordon Food Services late last week.”

Soon after, KACo staff members were able to secure and provide local distillery-made hand sanitizer for members, too.

“Our primary intention is to deliver to sheriff departments that have personnel actively engaging daily with unknown members of the public at any given time, and we intend to deliver to departments that have expressed the greatest need first,” Ray said. “Eventually, we plan to deliver to all sheriff departments. We also intend to make a thinner vinyl-style glove available to jails, most suitable for those working in jail kitchens handling food – an area that many times gets overlooked.”

Montgomery County Sheriff David Charles received personal protective gloves from KACo earlier this week.

It’s wonderful that during these times, we can count on the support of KACo to help our communities as supplies of these necessities become harder to acquire,” Charles said. “They truly make our profession more successful with their assistance.”

Ray said KACo is completely committed to helping members, and members know KACo is here to help in many different ways.

“I think the glove project will be perceived as a positive addition to what KACo is offering to our members through the pertinent updates and advisories being produced and released from the home office on a daily basis and the direct counseling we’re offering through our legal staff,” Ray said. “This is just something to add to the full package of benefits folks receive when doing business with KACo.”

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