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Counties encouraged to become Recovery Ready certified

Governor's office press release
Communities can identify ways to help residents overcome substance abuse

Applications are now open for Kentucky's Recovery Ready certification, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Thursday.

“One life lost to drug overdose is too many, and we must continue to commit ourselves to doing everything we can to help not just those struggling with addiction, but their families and communities as well,” said Gov. Andy Beshear. “The Recovery Ready Communities program gives communities the opportunity to identify gaps in their addiction treatment services and fill them.”

In June 2022, Gov. Beshear announced the creation of the Recovery Ready Communities program. Since then, the Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP), the Advisory Council for Recovery Ready Communities and Volunteers of America Mid-States (VOA) have created a certification program for communities across the commonwealth. Communities are eligible to apply for this certification, which measures their services to residents who are seeking help for drug or alcohol addiction in three different categories: prevention, treatment and recovery support.

Upon application, communities will undergo an evaluation process, including a site visit and assessment from VOA staff, who will then make a recommendation to the Advisory Council for a decision on certification. Communities that are not initially designated as Recovery Ready will receive an explanation for the denial as well as an offer of technical assistance from VOA to help formulate new programs or interventions necessary to achieve certification. Once improvements are made, communities are encouraged to reapply and get certified. There is no application deadline. The advisory council will certify communities on a rolling basis.

“Drug addiction must be treated as what it is – an illness, not a crime – and this program is a crucial step in making this transition in the commonwealth,” said ODCP Executive Director Van Ingram. “The Recovery Ready Communities program ensures that Kentuckians have the chance to get well in a safe space around people who will work for them and with them. State government cannot do this alone, however, and VOA is the perfect partner for this endeavor.”

To learn more about the program and apply for certification as a Recovery Ready Community, local government leaders can email


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