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Communication is vital to help employees following return to work

By Michael Ray, Safety and Loss Control Manager
Here are some recommended topics from Zywave to discuss with workers who are transitioning back to work following an injury.

As an employer, do you need some talking points to help your employees better understand the benefits from serving in modified/transitional duty roles through return-to-work programs? 

Consider incorporating the following into discussions with your employees.

Work-related injuries can result in negative impacts to both physical and financial well-being. If you experience such an unfortunate event, we have a return-to-work program that will help you get back on your feet and progressively transition back into a productive role as soon as possible as you recover from your injury. 

Transitional duty work is a critically important part of the rehabilitation process following work-related injuries. It allows one to maintain certain levels of activity falling within restrictions that may be assigned by a treating physician. Transitional duty work is equally critical in helping you achieve the ability to eventually return to your regular job duties.

Following a work-related injury, we will attempt to place you in a transitional duty position falling within temporary work restrictions that may be assigned by your physician. You will benefit from our program in several ways, including the following:

  • Your recovery process will be accelerated.
  • You will remain fully engaged with us and won’t miss out on important agency announcements, meetings, and events.
  • You will avoid the monotony associated with lengthy home recovery periods.
  • You will be able to continue performing meaningful work despite the presence of physical restrictions while recovering.
  • Your status within our agency will be retained.
  • The program will help you maintain your body’s strength and will also potentially help you return to your pre-injury condition level. This should bring positive impacts to you on both a professional and personal level.
  • Remaining on the job stands to lessen financial burden you might otherwise experience.

KACo has an example policy that you can download from our website and make your own. Talk with your claims or loss control specialist to learn more.

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