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Bill to establish training requirements for deputy jailers discussed in committee today

HB 439, which would streamline basic training and continuing education requirements for deputy jailers, was brought forth for discussion in committee today.

HB 439 was brought before the House Local Government Committee today to begin discussion on the training of deputy jailers. 

The bill, sponsored by Rep. James Tipton, would require deputy jailers to have basic training and continuing education and create the Kentucky Jail Training Council. 

The new section of KRS 441 would require deputy jailers to complete a basic training course of no less than 80 hours within one year of Jan. 1, 2023, for current deputy jailers, and one year of their employment for any deputy jailer hired on or after Jan. 1, 2023. After the initial 80 hour basic training course, deputy jailers would be required to receive 40 hours of continuing education each calendar year. 

Continuing education training may include training received under KRS 441.115 or other annual training that is required for deputy jailers or other jail personnel by the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. Documentation of the training will be held by the county fiscal court. 

HB 439 would also establish the Kentucky Jail Training Council, an entity that would serve as an independent administrative body for the training of Kentucky jail personnel. The Council’s main priority will be to establish a universal core curriculum and approve training subjects for basic training and continuing education courses for jail personnel. 

The Council would consist of the Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Corrections, Commissioner of the Department of Criminal Justice Training, the President of the Kentucky Jailers Association, the Kentucky Attorney General and eight voting members, appointed by the Governor to provide a voice for different facets of the jail system, that would serve terms of four years. 

Currently, the legislation is unfunded, with a fiscal note approximating $811,100 in annual costs based off of the operating costs of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council.

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