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2022 Legislative Session: Week 1 in review

Legislators returned to Frankfort on Tuesday to kick off the 2022 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

Both chambers immediately filed bills addressing this week’s high priority issues, including House, Senate and Congressional redistricting and an extension of the candidate filing deadline.

Bills addressing redistricting are widely expected to be on Gov. Andy Beshear’s desk by Saturday afternoon. 


Candidate Filing Deadline Extension

Gov. Beshear signed HB 172 into law this week, which extends the filing deadline for candidates from Jan. 7 to Jan. 25, 2022. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Steven Rudy, has an emergency clause, which means it became law immediately once signed by Gov. Beshear. It is the first piece of legislation in the 2022 Regular Session to be signed into law.

HB 172 applies to all offices, including those running for county elected positions. The bill moved quickly through both the House and Senate because of pending redistricting legislation, which is expected to pass Saturday, Jan. 8. The bill moves the filing deadline for this year only.


Legislative Redistricting


Last week, GOP House Leadership released its plan for redrawing House districts and this week, Rep. Jerry Miller filed the redistricting bill (HB 2). View both the current map and the proposed changes here.


Senate State and Local Government Committee Chair Robby Mills introduced the Senate redistricting bill (SB 2) this week. View the Senate map here.

Both the House and Senate plans passed out of committees. The General Assembly will meet Saturday, Jan. 8, to pass both bills. Read more here


Congressional Redistricting

The Senate released its proposed plan for Congressional redistricting this week, which you can view here.


Supreme Court Redistricting

HB 179 was introduced this week. It will modify Supreme Court districts in the state. View the redistricting map here


Legislative Calendar Adjustments

Legislative leaders adjusted the calendar for the Kentucky General Assembly’s 2022 Regular Session. Under the changes, the Senate and House will both convene for the fifth day of the legislative session Saturday, Jan. 8. The last day to introduce bills in the House has been moved to Feb. 25, while the last day to introduce bills in the Senate has been moved to March 1.


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