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Newly-signed permitless conceal carry law may cost sheriffs' offices
The newly-signed permitless conceal carry law, which goes into effect June 26, will likely result in fewer permits. $20 out of the $60 permit cost helps to fund sheriffs' offices.
Tax reform bill heading to governor’s desk
The new law will eliminate the state's bank franchise tax and sales tax on nonprofit admission sales.
Expungement bill receives final passage
Senate Bill 57 expands discretionary expungement to all Class D felonies, except those that involve a breach of public trust, sex offenses, crimes against children and violent crimes.
HB 335 update
HB 335 amends the county surplus property statute to allow for the transfer of surplus property for economic development purposes and for surplus property to be sold by the Finance Cabinet under an agreement with the county.
Bill to boost funding for Kentucky state parks heads to governor’s desk
Additional dollars for Kentucky state parks will help revive and restore buildings and grounds.
Bills about test tube meat, hemp signed into law
Several bills from the 2019 General Assembly have become law with one legislative day to go.
School safety, ‘In God We Trust’ measures signed into law
A ceremonial signing of a bill by Gov. Matt Bevin that some lawmakers consider the most important legislation they’ve passed in years took place at the Capitol Rotunda on Wednesday.
Nearly $17 million in county bank franchise tax revenue remains safe after legislative fix
A drafting error put local bank franchise taxes in jeopardy, but recent legislation resolves the issue, saving counties millions of dollars.