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Zywave Online Training Resource

KACo is dedicated to providing insured members with the resources to train employees, prevent accidents and reduce claims activity. KACo is offering Zywave, an online safety training, benefit administration and federal and state compliance program, to accomplish this purpose. Zywave is a broad, comprehensive resource available to KACo insured members at no additional cost.

While not specifically designed for public employers, the Zywave platform may contain useful information for a variety of public and private employers. KACo recommends that you speak with your county attorney, board attorney or the KACo legal staff prior to the adoption of a policy or recommendation.

Training topics include:

  • OSHA Log
  • Employee Handbook Builder
  • ACA Reporting
  • FMLA Advisor
  • Federal Poster Advisor
  • Health Plan Compliance
  • HR Tools
  • Salary Benchmarking
  • HR Consulting
  • Plus much more.

Download an informational flyer here.

Contact Dwayne Litton, safety and loss control specialist, to gain access to KACo's Zywave product. His email address is


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